April 18, 2009

Speaking of Videogame Data Mining

In the course of various projects I've been working on lately, I stumbled across two great blogs focused on MMO data mining that I'd never seen before:

PARC's PlayOn Blog - This site is mainly focused on WoW, but also looks at other games from time to time. Lots and lots of juicy data here, and they also have a few posts on character abandonment, which is interesting in the context of the black box series I'm working on now.

Armory Data Mining - This site is focused entirely on data gathered from character profiles on WoW's Armory. There are some very interesting analyses here of battleground compositions and class talent distributions.

Both of these sites are very interesting because they're run by researchers who aren't part of the dev team and therefore don't have special access to any data. If sites like this can exist based on only public data (as Armory Data Mining does) or data mining from in the game and surveys (as PlayOn does), imagine what a developer with free access to all information and some professional engineers could achieve.


Tesh said...

Mmmmm, data. If I had the time, I'd definitely sink my teeth into these. As it is, I'll still probably peruse a bit. Thanks for the links! I'm really enjoying this data mining series. :D

Zardoz said...

Thanks for the kind words on my armoury datamining project. I'm having fun with it - more fun than I'm having with the game itself at the moment. Which of course brings us to the heart of the problem - game design. That's what interests me too so I'm adding your blog to my RSS reader.

Mike Darga said...

Hey what a cozy place this internet is!

Thanks for the kind words you two.

@Zardoz: I'm really looking forward to seeing the 3.1 data. Isn't it funny how a metagame can make your own fun out of nowhere? That's how thinking about design is for me. I end up having great fun in games I'd never play otherwise.

Things are very crazy for me right now, both with work crunch and some other side projects, but I really don't want to slow down my posting now that I have so many great people stopping by. I'll dig into the next post tomorrow night for sure.

Anonymous said...

Dear Mike,

I was really interest by your work. I also lead academical research on data mining for DotA, a mod of Warcraft III.

I would be honored if you could have a look at my blog:

See you soon,

Fran├žois Rioult.

Mike Darga said...

This looks really interesting, Fran├žois. I'll definitely check out your projects. Thanks for reading!